Types Of Best Ceramic Cookware On The Marke Nowadays

This day using electromagnetic cooker is no stranger to us. For many people, it is also a trend for usability and safety when used. On the market nowadays, there is a lot of different ceramic cookware with numerous functions. In this post today, we will review all of you some best ceramic cookware which is popular on the market.

You can use the ceramic cookware to cook pot, fry and bake, as well as heat bottles, boil water, and steam soup. There are 4 main materials to make the electric ceramic cookware such as ceramic, Crystallite, tempered glass and glass Schott. Electric stove with ceramic surface is fairly common type of electric stoves. Ceramic is a heat-resistant ceramic black crystals, not only durable, hard to crack during use, this material also brings shine to the glass. You absolutely can rest assured about the cleanliness of the kitchen because it is difficult to wash materials and also very easy to clean.

Magic Ceramics Infrared Electric Stove A34 (Black)

Manufactured under a regime of strict production management according to international standards, all products are controlled by quality management system standard achieved ISO 9001: 2008.

  • Power: 1450W
  • Weight: 2.59kg
  • Voltage: 220V ~ 50HZ
  • Product warranty 12 months

Here Are Some Advantages Of This Machine

  • This type of ceramic cookware is produced with high temperature, which is easy to clean.
  • Sleep Timer mode helps us manage the cooking easy.
  • The function controls is simply designed by Thailand Company which is easily manipulated, used.
  • Compact design, clock display cooking time
  • Promotional stainless steel pot pan 01 F26 glass region
  • Use the button to select the power-saving mode, quick cooking, dishes taste better
  • Products with manuals and warranty card accompanying
  • Ensuring high safety.

Some Safety Items To Note

  • Please read the safety warnings carefully before using, and please correct.
  • During use, the kitchen should be put in place flat, at least 12cm from the wall, do not use the electric stove in damp areas or places with high temperatures near the gas stove or stoves

Ceramics Magic Infrared Cookers A34 (Black)

One of the kitchen lines which is the preferred one in recent years is the infrared stove. Owning superior advantages such as superior design, high safety, easy to clean … infrared stove is gradually won the hearts and achieved high positions in the choice of the sisters female. This famous brand has launched a line named Magic Kitchen Magic Infrared Called A34. Owning Compact Design, Intelligent Design, Can Be Used With A Wide Variety Of Cookware And High Safety In Use, Infrared Magic Kitchen A34 Is The Perfect Choice For Kitchen And Optimization Your Convenience.


  • Color: Black
  • Table Model: A34
  • Product Dimensions: 43 X 32 X 11
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Weight (KG): 5
  • Production: In Thailand

The Advantages Of The Machine

The magic infrared a34 ceramic glass kitchen possesses advanced help bring shiny and trendy products. This machine is made of ceramic, fiberglass and the focusing lens has the ability to limit heat generation sector should help you and your family will be safe during the cooking process. Also, with this advanced glass material, you will find it easier in the following stages used sanitary products to preserve fresh and shiny.

  • Touch Sensitive Keys

A34 infrared Magic Kitchen is equipped with touch controller integrates many useful features along with audio sensors will make you peace of mind; make sure to ensure safety and convenience for you and your family.

  • Consistent With Cookware Diversity

Kitchen Magic A34 no cocoon infrared pot from the kitchen as the other lines. It can be used with a variety of materials pot such as iron, innox, aluminum, glass, ceramic, earth … And more specifically, you can grill fresh food directly onto the surface of dry or kitchen without going through the grill.

  • High Security

Kitchen Magic A34 infrared radiation does not cause magnetic and should not cause an explosion or electronic interference devices in your home.

Some Notes That Should Be Cared When Using The Machine

– Do not plug into a power outlet kitchen loose, not tight.

– Do not bend the wires.

– No database, anything lined the bottom of the pot.

– Do not plug the power supply with wet hands.

– Do not leave the kitchen where the fire or near water.

– Prohibit set it empty (not for food on) on a stove.

– Keep away from children.

– Do not touch the stove surface when in operation or immediately after just off the kitchen.

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