Things You Need To Care When Buying The Wine Cooler

The wine cooler is one of the very common accessories for the store or the hotel these days. A high capacity as well as convenient wine cooler is the dream of so many store owners. As long as you are intending to buy this device, please take your consideration on wine refrigerator reviews as well as the wine cooler reviews for getting the state of the art product.

The Size Of The Device

It is essential for all the buyers to get around their space before buying this device. It is better to measure the size of the place where you have intention to locate the wine cooler. According to the advice of the specialists, the wine cooler device needs to be put far away from the wall at least 5 centimeters.  The most common mistakes of the users is that they do not measure the size of the wine cooler location. As a result, when going to the supermarket or the electrical store, the buyers will be hard to choose the most adequate one.

The Price Of The Product

Another important thing is to determine the level of investment costs. The buyers are advised to browse through several websites to refer to the product. The large electronics stores often update price for the new products on their site very quickly. However, one of the state’s popular products posted very cheap, but if you asked to buy it back, it is quickly out of stock.

Therefore, if you want to compare the price of products in the range, you must make sure that these products are available in stock. In addition, some supermarkets also list on the website the prices which are thought to be more expensive than the actual price. Therefore, the best recommendation after consultation on the site appliance is that you should call to confirm price and product status.

The Device’s Capacity

The wine cooler‘s capacity is typically measured in liters. On average, each family member will usually need about 40-50 liters capacity. In addition, demand for refrigerators often arise after buying a lot, especially the holidays, so just to be safe, you should calculate excess capacity. For example, a family with about 4 people would need about 4 x 40 = 160 liters. However, to be safe, then you can choose the cabinet with a capacity of 160-200 liters.

Another aspect of the great capacity is that it can be able to affect cooling capacity of the cabinet and the monthly electricity bill of your home. The larger the capacity of the cooler, the higher amount of powers it will be.

What Is The Best Method To Calculate The Capacity Of The Wine Cooler?

In general, the refrigerator manufacturers usually calculate the horsepower (HP) or watts. A refrigerator will consume 100W power 0,1kW each hour and 0.1 x 24 = 2.4 kW of electricity per day. That is, each month your family will consume about 2.4 x 30 = 72 kW or 72 numbers.

Capacity manufacturers often set up to match the capacity of the refrigerator. These cabinets are usually less than 100 liters with an output of 60-75 watts, cabinets from 100 liters to 150 liters capacity usually 75-90 watts, cabinets from 100 liters to 160 liters capacity usually 90 -125 watt, and cabinets from usually 160 to 200 liters with an output of 125 watts over 250 watts to.

The Design Of The Refrigerator Wine

In order to remain the high stability for a long time in use, the users should choose a refrigerator with inverter technology. One of the popular features of refrigerators in 2015 was the Inverter. This technology can help users save 30-50% power consumption compared with conventional refrigerator. Inverter technology is actually used to control inverter compressor refrigeration. It allows the compressor can operate at different cooling levels, depending on the temperature inside the refrigerator. Meanwhile, refrigerators do not use inverter technology; the only option is to disable the two open active inverters.

All the tricks above are thought to be extremely useful for the process of selecting the wine cooler. As long as you desire to update more and more special tricks for getting the product, please update the website continuously.

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