How To Buy The Best Meat Slicer For Home Use

Preparing meals at home ensure fresh and safe food as you get to pick fresh ingredients from market and make sure they are cleaned thoroughly before being cooked. Having home meals is also a good chance for family members to gather around, talk about their days, laugh, chitchat and share their stories, which helps to strengthen family bonding. However, cooking food for a family can take a lot of time and effort, especially for large family with many members or cooking for family union in holidays. Thus, you can read this article to find out a brilliant way to lessen preparation time for cooking. The meat slicer for home use does not only speed up the process of meat slicing but also guarantee to produce meat division in thin and equal proportions.

This article will provide you with an overview of meat slicer in terms of function, benefits and more importantly give you some tips and advice in choosing the best meat slicer suitable for your needs and requirement.

The Great Benefits Of Having A Meat Slicer


When you first think of the money you have got to pay for the meat slicer, you would be hesitating, and think that it is too much for just a simply task of meat slicing. However, if you are a regular buyer of pre-sliced meat at grocery store and supermarket, you would understand that gap between the piece of meat and the sliced one, which is rather expensive for regular buying. By purchasing a meat slicer, you can save a lot of money for meat slicing in the long run, not to mention the versatility of the machine in slicing other ingredients.

Ease Of Use

We all know that buying the pack of four or six pre-sliced steak is expensive, even twice the price of the meat itself. But if you have a meat slicer, you can buy the whole leg of lamb, then bone it and put it in the freezer for several hours. Using the meat slicer for cutting, then there you have, steaks that only half the price of pre-packed one at store.

Not only easy to use for slicing steak, this machine works wonderfully with other ingredients, for example it can shave potatoes into very thin slices that is perfect for making crispy potato chips. Not to mention how great would it be if you have a meat slicer for shaving ham, the result would look amazingly thin.

The Innovation That Replace Knife – Time And Effort Saver

The meat slicer has innovated the process of cutting meat, thus instead of struggling to slice meat using a knife, people can use this wonderful machine for cutting meat in bulk. This does not only helpful for daily use when cooking for large family but also a life saver for your hands when you need to prepare meat for winter storage. Not to mention it also comes in handy for other type of ingredients and the ability to produce equal, consistent and thin slices.

Moreover, with the use of meat slicer, you can speed up your cooking preparation and lessen the work of your hands and wrists to use the strong muscle of arms for handling such cutting task almost effortlessly.

Choosing The Right Meat Slicer For Home Use

When choosing meat slicer, there are three major things you need to consider carefully which are the blaze size, the carriage size and safety of the machine.

Regarding blaze size, you should know that although meat slicers come in various size, the blade size for most home use is the seven-inch blade. And since the size of blade indicate the size of food that it is able to cut. Thus the seven-inch blade can only handle food that is seven inches high, and cannot deal with food higher than that. But this is not a thing to worry as seven inches is big enough for just family cooking.

When considering carriage size, you should make sure that the carriage is big enough to handle meat. Besides, you also need to consider another factor – the carriage angle so it is preferable to choose a steep carriage angle in order to make it easier to cut self-feeding food. Finally, safety instruction is also a very important factor for cutting machine like meat slicer.