Guide You Cook Potatoes With Other Food

Potatoes are popular in life. It has many advantage and it is easy to cook, to combine with other food. So in daily life, we usually see mother cook soup or cook by this material.

Below is some ways to cook potatoes you can try to make in every day. It is simple dishes with simple material.

Mild aromatic odor potato soup dairy and velvety smooth-loved always, please add to your home menu by hot potato soup extremely tasty aromatic for both windy first day of week which will be presented following:

Delicious potato soup, puree software is well suited to indulge in this cold weather. On top of the week, please enlist up early potato soup for the whole house warm belly more.

Material To Cook This Soup

Potato soup 2 tablespoons butter 1 leek 3-4 branched medium onion 1.3 kg yellow potatoes 6 cups water 1-teaspoon salt 1-tablespoon black pepper ¼-cup heavy cream and sour cream to page Onion place to decorate.

How To Cook

How to cook potato soup cut the green tops off leeks. Round sliced white part of the leeks and place in bowl of water to dirt remaining submerged leeks will float to the top. Then remove leeks out of the bowl, set aside. Onions peeled, slice cube (small cubes). Peel potatoes, slice cube.

Melt the butter in a large pot temperature 1 average. Then add onion stir-fry for about 5 minutes until tender. Add leek, potato, add 5 minutes islands. Add water, pepper and half of salt was prepared to boil. Lower the temperature to a low level and then boil for 40 minutes olive after soft potatoes, turn off the stove. Then pureed potato mixture, can grind several times. If you see features that can add a little hot water.

Cream heavy cream and stir well, add salt if you like, and for the bowl. Decorate a little whipped cream on top and sprinkle with a little chopped green onion.

The most delicious potato soup when served hot. Potato soup morning helping people eat tasty and easy to digest. Potato soup nutritious quite easy to cook and cook quickly, suitable for breakfast the first week of the family busy.

It’s easy, right? Waiting any longer, consult and follow the way of hot potato soup extremely tasty aromatic for both wind on the first day of week or jog! I wish you success and delicious with potato soup.

Potato soup dish is simple, easy to do but taste delicious, very nutritious appeal that the housewife sister can do for the whole family to enjoy. Here please share how to cook delicious potato soup ultra exotic eye-catching to both enjoy!

If you don’t like this kind of potatoes, you can try with sweet potatoes to make appetizer for your family at breakfast.

The Appetizer From Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato soup easy to implement, simple ingredients and are delicious dishes contain more fiber, carotene, vitamins and antioxidants useful for health. Today I please share how scented sweet potato soup for breakfast delicious fleshy enough for the whole house! Let us do it!

Sweet potato soup is not only delicious but also good for your health too. You can use the soup as an appetizer or served with bread for a delicious breakfast and enough quality.

Not only potatoes are used much in daily life, sweet potatoes is also used more. It make loss weight and from that you can eat it every day if you want to have good body.

Potato soup, then surely you already know, but also the sweet potato soup. Along try this out, you will be surprised unusual taste great because of this soup there. Potato soup is simple, easy, and very fast.


Potato is good for our to cook with more food. No one can negative the advantage of it toward our health. Beet temper, cool. In particular, the amount of vitamin C in pears radish 10 times, in addition to very good effect infant communication facilities.

Vegetable soup of turnips, carrots help your child get better digestion, especially potatoes also provide energy and nutrients for the baby. So if you have children, you should cook it every day to make sure your children have good nutrients.