Discovering The Unexpected Benefits From Potatoes As Well Batata Dishes

It can be said that Potatoes As Well As Sweet is becoming the important material for cooking in each family. In this post, we would like to mention the wholebenefits of eating the dishes made from two types of materials.

The Benefits Of Enjoying The Meal From The Potatoes

According to the US Potato Board (USPB), the potato is a food with a very good effect on human health. Here are some benefits of using potatoes.

Effect Slimming

Potatoes are one of the foods with low fat content and high fiber proportion (more than 2 grams of fiber per 148g potatoes). Therefore, the use of potatoes every day also helps reduce blood cholesterol, improve blood lipid levels, increase satiety, thus aiding weight loss.

The First Supplies Of Potassium

American scientists have discovered that potatoes contain a lot of potassium, only a potato provides 18% of the potassium needed during the day for the body, to help people reduce the risk of high blood pressure and irregular precious.

Rich In Vitamins And Minerals

The amount of vitamins and minerals abundant in potatoes as vitamin B6, C, iron, calcium, phosphorus helps increase the body’s resistance and prevent cancer diseases and skin beauty.

Slow Down The Aging Process

Potatoes contain high levels of vitamin C, has anti-oxidant effect, can slow down the production of aging cells, maintaining the youth and young women.


A medium potato contains about 26g carbohydrates 148g. The main form of this compound is refined starches. This starch is considered to have physiological effects and health benefits for the same fiber are anti-colon cancer.

Excellent Benefits Of Batata

Batata is not only familiar foods in folk, but the leaves and roots is an effective medication for many patients.

Nutritional Value Of The Ingredients In Sweet Potatoes

It is said that the sweet potatoes include a large amount of starch, amino acids, beta carotene, vitamin C, B1 and more than 10 kinds of trace elements necessary for human health, such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, magnesium, sodium , potassium, … Therefore, nutrition experts have called sweet potato is “food nutrient balance”.

Sweet potatoes are considered good foods for diverse carbohydrates in the daily diet. When compared, the sweet potato is seen offering a comparable amount of energy with rice or potatoes. Additional eating sweet potato is also a way to add powdered sugar and energy. In addition, the sweet potato and vegetables are the medicinal value so long in a place known folk sweet potato is “Ginseng men”.

Sweet potatoes have a lot of categories:

– There are big tubers, white shell, white flesh dark yellow or intestines, the advantage that is high in starch.

– Sweet potatoes secret: the long tubers bark red, bright yellow intestines.

– Japanese sweet potatoes: red shell, yellow intestines very fragrant, delicious.

– Sweet potatoes female pearl: shell purple, purple gut…

When feeding, the mother should choose potato red shell, yellow intestines as taste, in Dalat potatoes is also referred to as specialty. If the mother wants to use to solve cold or constipation cure, buy sweet potatoes and white shell, white flesh.

The Great Effect Of Sweet Potatoes For Pregnant Women

Stimulate Digestion, Constipation

The phenomenon of constipation is a condition common in pregnant mother. Sweet potatoes contain very little fat to no cholesterol. Because high-fiber ingredients, both sweet potato tubers and vegetables can be processed into a variety of dishes with laxative effects for pregnant women, prevent constipation.

Eating sweet potatoes in moderation (100g / day) is very beneficial for the digestive system because vitamin C component and the amino acid that stimulates peristalsis, as food digestion process becomes easier. But pregnant women should also be noted; eating too many sweet potatoes can also cause obesity or indigestion bloating due to excess sugar.


It is said that mother during pregnancy are more likely to suffer from infections. The reason is that the resistance of women in this period is reduced.  The  sweet potatoes contain more vitamin C, vitamin B6, beta carotene and manganese likely that contribute to the anti-inflammatory for almost mom!. Scientists around the world have found effectiveness of the batata in reducing inflammation in the brain tissue and nerve tissue throughout the body when we eat sweet potatoes.

Sweet potato is a food rich in fiber which is capable of preventing and treating constipation is very good for pregnant women (illustration)

Flu Prevention

On days when the weather is cold like this, everyone is afraid of the flu which can be especially serious for the pregnant women. When the suffering from the flu during pregnancy, pregnant women are often so worried about the use of western medicine can cause a negative impact to the fetus.

It is proven that a large sweet potato  contain the high amount of beta carotene, which helps our bodies to produce enough white blood cells, preventing infection caused by influenza viruses. As a result,  unfortunately suffering from the the flu, pregnant mothers do not too worried, the mother try some food processing or use of sweet potato remedies for curing the disease.

League Fever

When the pregnancy suffers from a fever, she can use white sweet potatoes  and then dry it, combine it  with fresh ginger, excellent drink or sweet potato porridge an.Cung with that is that combined with proper rest mode management, cooling the body to cool down.

Balancing Blood Sugar

Women who have diabetes during pregnancy so they are often wondered what to eat is good for both mother and child. Now the sisters do not forget the sweet potato dish of sweet potatoes for carotenoid that helps the body balance blood sugar can. The amount of soluble fiber in sweet potatoes also supports lowering the blood sugar and cholesterol. Chlorogenic acids can also help strengthen the ability to resist infection and prevent damage to DNA and other genetic material. However, pregnant women with a history of diabetes should pay attention to this useful food.

Prevention Of Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition caused by calcium deficiency encountered in women in general, not just the beta cryptoxanthin. The amount of abundant ingrdients in sweet potatoes has preventive effects of chronic phenomenon including arthritis, rheumatism.

In addition, beta-cryptoxanthin also enhances strength of our bones, strengthen the immune system and skin beauty. In addition, the amount of  vitamin C in sweet potatoescan be able to help the users  remain the collagen  medical to firm the skin and minimize the development of arthritis. Indeed, women we did not expect them to just make use of the beautiful, the useful cure of sweet potatoes so right?

Cure Mastitis

The mother can use white sweet potatoes in order to crush up to the breast.  In case of the user suffers from missing milk fried sweet potato leaves early in the day to eat pork. These are all of Eastern medicine health, how fairly simple but very good effect to make it through the mother’s milk.

Cure jaundice:

Cook potato porridge with rice or cornmeal will effectively cure jaundice. It is said that the purple sweet potato was also sold in the Asia country, but healing effects of this food group little known, particularly slimming effect and hypotension. Purple sweet potato is better than other foods which have long been hailed as broccoli

Thus, the purple sweet potato is better than other foods which  have long been hailed as broccoli, sprouts reform group, oatmeal and so on. However, the scientists also recommended to bring the highest benefit, the cook should not fry it because frying reduces the antioxidant components of potato which is a very important element in protecting the body before the attack of the free radicals that cause damage or destroy cells. Also, do not eat purple sweet potato with margarine cream, it will reduce the effect of “stabilization” blood pressure.

The Other Effects Of Yam

Besides the two aforementioned effects, purple sweet potato is rich in antioxidant pigment called anthocyanin; minerals such as iron, potassium, vitamin C and folic acid, there are many other effects such as:

Anti-Inflammatory And Blurring Bruise:

When you suffer from the red swollen skin or sores, you can totally reduce this disease by slicing thin potato in order to cover up on your skin for about 10 to 15 minute. This method will soothe the pain immediately.


Eat sweet potatoes 2 times / week for soft skin purple sweet potato contains many beneficial vitamins, minerals, fiber. Sweet potato puree or mashed, mixed with yogurt apply on the skin.

Prevent Pimples:

The Chinese often use purple sweet potatoes to treat pimples. Here’s how to use purple sweet potato (1 bulb), dandelion leaves (40g), molasses, crushed packs on thin fabric for the purpose of covering up pimples

Treatment Of Jaundice:

Eat regularly purple sweet potato porridge with rice or cornmeal will work to reduce jaundice and make the skin become shack fluke.

Notes When Using Sweet Potatoes:

How To Choose The Best Batata

The mother should choose sweet potatoes which are hard, bright, not dark, mold or cracked. The mother should note that just should choose mid-sized tubers, do not take that too because buying tubers susceptible to cirrhosis.

Methods For The Preservation

Let put the potatoes in a cool place. You should not seal it in plastic bags because the temperature coondition in the fridge will steam potatoes. In addition, you should avoid putting potatoes in that damp because potatoes will sprout, when food is harmful, it is not good for the body. The mother can preserve potatoes from 7-10 days for personal use.


– Sweet potatoes contain large amounts of vitamin A (from beta-carotene synthesis) so when eating too many sweet potatoes and repeatedly will lead to excess viatamin A phenomenon causing jaundice.

– Eat sweet potatoes at noon. Because after eating, sweet potatoes calcium takes new 4-5h absorbed into the body, the sunlight at afternoon can promote calcium absorption nay. When eating the sweet potatoes at lunch, the whole calcium can be absorbed before dinner which will not affect the absorption of calcium from other foods when dining.

– In the sweet potatoes with sugar, if you eat a lot, especially when you are hungry, this will cause increasing heating intestinal gastric secretion, heartburn, and bloating. As aresult, the mother is remembered fasting should not eat somewhere.

– Sweet potatoes and persimmons should not be eaten together. If you eat them together, sweet potato sugar will ferment in the stomach causing stomach secretes gastric juice more, reacts with tannins and fruit pectin in pink which will cause precipitation, can cause more serious export stomach bleeding or stomach ulcers.

Sweet potatoes contain more vitamin A, B, C, E, protein, starch, resin, amino acids and more than 10 kinds of trace elements necessary for the body’s health, such as calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium … Therefore, nutrition experts have called sweet potato is “food nutrient balance”. In addition to nutritional value described above, the sweet potato is also the first choice for those who want to lose weight. Sweet potato contains the little amount of energy which is only 1/3 and 1/2 rice than potatoes. The composition of sweet potatoes also contains ingredients which do not easily dissolve in organic solvents so it can quickly deal with the full feeling with your stomach.

Eating sweet potatoes before meals will make you lose a large amount of food to put into the body without causing hunger. Eating sweet potatoes in moderation (100 gram / day) is very beneficial for the digestive system because components in vitamin C and amino acids help stimulate peristalsis, making digestion process becomes faster, prevent constipation.

Should you eat the sweet potatoes at lunch because at this time, the ability to absorb calcium and other trace elements of the body is at the highest level?

Based on this useful knowledge, we hope that cook can know exactly the benefits of the batata in order to enhance the source of this food in the daily meal in your family.