An Overview Of The Espresso Machine For The Beginners

It takes for granted that the most important part when selecting an espresso machine that you have to understand the capabilities of estimated providing of the machine, then contrast it with the capacity of your cafe. If you want to choose the best espresso machine for home, click here for more information. There mentions the grouphead number, size of the boiler, engine power, which will help you determine the amount of espresso you can produce per hour, the amount of water vapor available to assess milk.

One thing to consider is the number grouphead of the machine. 2-group is the most popular group. 03 group should be considered if your shop is located in special places such as the airports. In addition, the boiler size tells you the ability to provide steam and hot water of the machine. The espresso maker is greatly affected by the size of boiler in which using the hot water is consuming most of the machine energy (eg americano). So, it is very important to consider whether you use a double shot (60ml) or a single shot of espresso (30ml), as well as the size of the drinks (we usually have three cup sizes are small, medium and large).

Boiler Of An Espresso Machine

The capacity of the machine has a strong influence on the rate of recovery of the machine. If you normally sell Americano or Crema Coffee, you need a large capacity machine. And for those of different manufacturers and different capacity, the machine usually has a capacity of 02 group with 3000 – 4000W. The machine with 1 group has only 1200 – 1600W.

The Ability To Keep The Temperature Stable

Group number, size boiler, and the engine power are very important, you have to ensure that they match your cafe. And other factors, which have a huge impact on the quality of espresso, h is the temperature of water used for mixing. It sounds simple, but the temperature is the culprit causing the poor espresso, it happens more often than you grind the coffee beans with the wrong size. The optimal temperature is 95 ° C – 203 ° F. We’ve seen these types of machines have different temperatures up to 12 ° C in a few minutes (maybe due to the insufficient capacity). If you do not grind the beans with right size or the type of coffee you are using is too bad, you can replace- fixed, but if you buy a shoddy machine then do not fix whatever style .

There are three factors that affect the temperature of the water. Only the first element is that we can easily modify and control. Pressure boiler and boiler temperatures are related directly to each other by adjusting the pressure (or using a thermocouple), technicians can adjust the temperature / pressure of the boiler. This will impact on the temperature of the water at the grouphead. You can understand simple as water is contained in the boiler, and right at the beginning (grouphead) espresso place also has a capacity for water, when the water in the first part is used for espresso, the boiler will push the country to fill back.

Selection Of Matching The Capacity Of Your Cafe

If you serve 70 cups of espresso a day, you should choose the 01-group machine. If from 80-300 split, you should select 02-group espresso machine. Sometimes, the choice of 03 group is also good because it allows a barista extra help. We all know that customers are not spread evenly throughout the day that there is impossibly crowded time.

And what is also important is the large machine, which is capable of keeping the temperature better stability, and faster recovery. The last point of note is the size of the machine. According to experienced people and that of other shop owners, many times the size has a strong influence the success of a cafe. Maybe you only need 01 machines, but if a customer group sees the 02-group machines, they will feel your “professional” than the street shops use small devices. This is most evident in the Starbucks, where the use of the machine group 04 with the full power.

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